“Great Victory” exposition was opened in Astana

The “Great Victory” exposition, dedicated to the Leningrad blockade which lasted for 900 days, was opened in Astana. Exclusive film frames and rare documents from the Piskaryovskoye Memorial Complex in Saint Petersburg, the archive of the President of Kazakhstan and the State Archive of Astana were presented were presented at the exhibition. It presents an opportunity to learn about the unique exhibits which include the lists of names of fallen soldiers who were buried in the mass graves; lists of facilities and educational institutions evacuated to the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic during the war. Today, the names of 129 Kazakh people who died during the defense of Leningrad are known. Copies of documents and a sample of 125-gram Leningrad bread were also donated to the State Archive of Astana.  


- At the Piskaryovskoye Memorial Complex, 490,000 people are buried from Leningrad and other regions of the country. 366,000 of them are still not identified. Our work consists of searching and preserving the memory of the people who defended the city, including Kazakhstan citizens.

Kazakh soldiers demonstrated exceptional heroism, fearlessness and courage in the prolonged battles near Leningrad. The 310th Infantry Division and the 314th Division were especially active in the defense and breakthrough of the blockade. Unprecedented perseverance and boundless dedication of the Kazakh soldiers were also crucial in the liberation of 22 settlements in the Leningrad region. The name of sniper Aliya Moldagulova, who gave her life for the victory, will never be forgotten. A memorial plate was erected on the Alley of Memory at the Piskaryovskoye Memorial Complex in memory of the Kazakh soldiers who died defending the legendary city of Leningrad.