German Drama Theater of Almaty is preparing to go on tour

German Drama Theater of Almaty is preparing to go on tour

German Drama Theater of Almaty is preparing to go on tour. The crew is planning to stage the premiers of their plays in Uzbekistan, Germany and Russia. Today, it is the only German theater in the CIS. The multi-ethnic team presents plays in various languages. The theater’s repertoire includes classic and modern works of the German, Kazakh and Russian playwrights.

Julia Teifel can get into character so quickly that at a regular reading of the play an outsider feels like watching  a real play. The young woman joined this theater six years ago while still a student at the National Academy of Arts named after Zhurgenov. Once she heard the German speech, she decided to stay.    


- My first education is music. When studying music you always learn the works of the German composers, such as Beethoven and Bach. Plus, there are great German authors such as Goethe, Schiller and Remarque. This all contribute to my love of German culture.

The more languages you speak, the more roles you get. This theater follows this rule. The creative team of the German theater stages plays in the original language. Mukhtar Auezov’s “Karakoz” was an exception. It was translated into German by the experts of the Goethe Institute.


 - Last year, we held a great European tour and visited five capitals with this play. We have presented the Kazakh national culture to the audience through the European point of view. We looked at Auezov’s work from a different perspective and presented an interesting combination.

During the tour, the German Theater from Kazakhstan is planning to present only new plays to the viewers.