‘At the Dawn of Independence’ exhibition

An exhibition titled ‘At the Dawn of Independence’ was opened at the First President’s Museum in Astana. There were six thematic exhibits, which includes ‘Precursors of Independence,’ ‘Kazakhstan for a Nuclear-Free World,’ ‘On the Threshold of the 21st Century,’ ‘The Historic Choice,’ ‘Key Reforms,’ and ‘Change of Epochs.’

There are also unique historical documents, letters, archive pictures and videos, newspaper articles as well as the President’s personal belongings and books on display. There are over 350 items were presented at the exhibition.

The organizers said that the exhibition was the result of a significant scientific and creative research.


-  The exhibition’s timelines are spanned from early 20th century to the year 2000. The collection covers historic events such as the decisive abandonment of the nuclear weapons and the establishment of the Presidential government. Kazakhstan entered the 21st century as a modern democratic country with Presidency as its core institution.

The exhibition allows visitors to learn about the history of Kazakhstan’s independence as well as the country’s journey to become a successful, stable and modern country. The event is dedicated to the 28 years of Presidency establishment in Kazakhstan.