‘Nine Magic Notes’ Project

Kazakh pianist Rakhat-Bi Abdysagin’s piano concert was held at the headquarters of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Beijing. It was the seventh event held as part of the SCO music events series aimed at strengthening cultural ties between the SCO member states. Foreign ministers, ambassadors and other officials representing the organization’s member states attended the event to enjoy Rakhat-Bi’s virtuosic performance.  


- The young Kazakh composer gave an unforgettable concert. I enjoyed it a lot. I am fascinated by Rakhat-Bi’s skills.

Rakhat-Bi performed the masterpieces of world classics, as well as his own compositions. His famous “Lament of a Migrating Bird” was received with admiration by the guests. The works of the young composer are performed by famous artists in Europe, Asia and America, as well as symphony and chamber orchestras around the world.


- I am very happy to perform here. It is a great honor, responsibility and, at the same time, great pleasure. This chamber hall brings us back to the times of Chopin, Schubert or Liszt when music saloons and gatherings were very popular.   

Rakhat-Bi is called the youngest composer representing the friendly spirit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Upon completion of the “Nine magic notes” events series, the organizers plan to hold a gala concert where the talented people of the SCO member states will be performing.