500 Dombyra players perform Kazakh Kuis

Kazakhstan marks the People’s Unity Day. 500 dombyra players have performed the best works of Kazakh music. A large-scale dombyra flash mob took place on the square near the Baiterek monument which was attributed to the 20th anniversary of Astana. Participants played the brightest kuis of legendary Kazakh composer, Kurmangazy Sagyrbayev such as ‘Saryarka,’ ‘Adai’ and ‘Balbyrauyn’. The dombyra players also performed the popular Kazakh kui, ‘Yerke Sylkym’ by composer Abdimomyn Zheldibayev. Well-known aitys players and poets took part in the flash mob, including Zhandarbek Bulgakov and Sara Toktamys. Members of the NOMAD instrumental project were there to perform as well. The festive performance under the open sky was a true gift for residents of Astana and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sound of the Kazakh dombyra.


-The purpose of this event is to promote our cultural heritage, the traditional values as well as instilling patriotic feelings in the young people. We are planning to hold such flashmob on July, 1 and dedicate it to the 20th anniversary of Astana. The flashmob will be called “Dombyra Duman.”