Kyz Zhibek musical premiered in the Zhastar Theater of Astana

The immortal love story in a new format was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana. The Kyz Zhibek musical premiered in the Zhastar Theater of Astana. The production based on the adaptation of one of the most significant works of Kazakh folklore, was presented in a completely new interpretation. Classical music of composer Yevgeny Brusilovsky was performed in the modern arrangement. Honored figure of Kazakhstan Nurkanat Zhakypbai directed the performance.


 - It is an honor for me to perform Kyz Zhibek’s role. I think every actress dreams about it. I did vocal and gymnastic exercises and I danced, because this is musical and we don’t sing in a standing position. Every performance is done in the movement. The arias are very high. Spectators will listen to completely different music. It is folk rock.


 - I play Duriya and she is Zhibek's friend. It is a secondary role in the legend, but we gave her a leading role in our production. She is the one who leads the events on the stage. She is a self-confident warrior and an organizer and is full of energy and this is what makes her different from Zhibek.

The musical develops in a style that corresponds to the Kazakh traditions. First, the play conveys secrets and sorrows, dreams and treasured goals, and most importantly, sincere and pure love. With the help of beautiful music and brilliant acting skills, the staff of the Zhastar Theater managed to show the range of feelings of main characters and thus, spectators were surprised by their work.