Revival of rare national musical instruments

The Satpayev city in the Karagandy region hosted a republican contest of performers who play rare national instruments. 40 artists from 14 regions of Kazakhstan arrived to perform the forgotten melodies and show their skills.

Makpal Manasbayeva is the very first winner of the competition. Her apprentice, the youngest participant of the competition is set to win the love of the jury with her virtuoso performance of the Yerden kui by Ykylas.


 - I can say that this is one of the strongest republican competitions. Performers from all over the country have come here to take part in the contest. They learn a lot from each other. Like everyone else, we also hope to win, but also to learn from our colleagues.

The competition is held for the third time. This year, rules and conditions of the contest have changed. New nominations have been introduced, including saz syrnai, sybyzgy and zhetigen. The participants’ age was lowered, too.


 - Every year the rules and conditions of the contest become broader and more interesting. This year, the competition is held in two stages. A separate program is provided for each musical instrument. In the new program, the participants are divided into beginners and experienced ones. All the musical instruments were almost forgotten. Now the main goal is to revive people's appreciation of these folk instruments.

According to the organizers, the main purpose of such competitions is to popularize rare traditional instruments among the younger generation.