Musical evening by Abdimomyn Zheldibayev

Astana hosted the ‘Yerke Sylkym’ creative evening of famous Kazakh composer and kuishi Abdimomyn Zhel-dibayev. This masterpiece of the Kazakh musical culture is well known among the Kazakh people. In honor of the Yerke sylkym kui, a monument was established in the Shu city in 2011. In the evening, the Kazakh Orchestra of the Astana Philharmonic performed the works such as Nursultan and Zhetisu Sazy which earned the audiences’ love.

Abdimomyn Zheldibayev is an owner of the Parasat and Kurmet Orders, an author of more than 70 compositions, specifically, Akku, Arman kus, Abai Armany, Zhambyl Tolgauy and Turan Yeli. The welcoming speech of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev was read out in the event. In addition, the honored worker of Kazakhstan became an honorary professor of the Kazakh National University of Arts.


 - I want to thank everyone who came. The audience listened with gratitude and paid tribute to the kui. People listened to the kui and to power of the kui performed with the dombyra. There were no songs and dances. It was an evening of the kui.