World-famous traveling exhibition ‘Anne Frank - A History for Today’ arrived in Aktau

The world-famous traveling exhibition titled ‘Anne Frank - A History for Today’ arrived in Aktau. The exposition tells the story of a Jewish girl during the Second World War. It’s been more than 30 years since the international project started traveling the world. Kazakhs were the first among the Central Asian countries to visit the exposition. The teenage girl became one of the most famous symbols of victims of the Nazi regime. For two years, she and her family had hidden in a shelter in the Netherlands. Then Anne began to write down her feelings and experiences in her diary. Then the diary of Anne Frank became an important document on the history of the Holocaust which exposes fascism. Her diary was translated into many languages.


- The portable exhibition of Anne Frank has been visiting Kazakhstan for the third year. Through this exhibition we talk about the importance of respecting human rights today. It is important to respect each other regardless of nationality and religion. We show how significant it is to be tolerant. Aktau is the seventh city of Kazakhstan where we arrived with the exhibition.  Last year, we organized exhibitions in Astana, Almaty, Shymkent and Pavlodar. Next time we plan to visit Uralsk.


- This exhibition is designed to help people, so that they realize atrocities of a war. It's very scary when there is an outbreak of the war and in my opinion, we should talk about it in order to never have such wars again and to avoid nationalism.