Events dedicated to Aitmatov’s anniversary

The general public was introduced to new facts from Chinghiz Aitmatov’s life who was a writer well known not only in the former Soviet Union countries, but also throughout the world. Astana hosted a presentation of the book titled ‘Aitmatov. The Last Writer of the Empire.’ According to the author Kyrgyz professor Osmonakun Ibraimov, his work will allow learning the legendary creative figure from different perspective.


 - The collapse of the Soviet Union was a dramatic moment in Aitmatov's life. I wrote about this in my book. I also wrote about his personal life, his inner drama, problems and ideas.

In addition, guests of the international forum were introduced to a documentary about the writer which was dedicated to the anniversary of Aitmatov. This documentary is directed by Kyrgyz filmmaker Artykbai Suiundukov.

Representatives of the International Turkic Academy announced 2018 as the year of Chinghiz Aitmatov. Various events in memory of the writer will be held in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Turkey. Documentary and feature films about him will also be shot.


- It is not a coincidence that celebration of the year of Aitmatov in Central Asia begins in Astana. Many works of the writer are closely related to the Kazakh people and Kazakhstan. His books “Jamila” and “The Buranny Railway Stop” depict the lives of Kyrgyz and Kazakh people.

There is a popular saying among admirers of Aitmatov’s works: “If Genghis Khan subdued the world with his sword, then Chinghiz Aitmatov conquered it with his pen.”

Today, the author’s works are translated into 157 languages and almost all of them were filmed. That’s why the 90th anniversary of the author’s birth will be marked not only as part of the Turkic academy, but as part of UNESCO as well.