Kazakh sculptor Erkin Mergenov’s solo exhibition has been opened in Astana

Kazakh sculptor Erkin Mergenov’s solo exhibition has been opened in Astana. Over twenty works distinguished by their innovative forms, expressive features and contemporary presentation are presented in Astana for the first time. The whole exposition is the sculptor’s monographic collection that includes both early and latest works of the late sculptor. The futuristic sculptures make viewers immerse themselves in the sculptor’s world. Experts say that Erkin Mergenov’s installations show the sculptor’s deep feelings as well as his own vision of the future. Dozens of masterpieces of the sculptor such as “Zhamal”, “Portrait of the Mother” and “Makhambet” demonstrate his authentic perception of the Kazakh national identity, as well as the depth of the sculptor’s thoughts. The exhibition is held as part of “The History of Kazakhstan’s Fine Arts in Persons” museum project.


 - This project should involve people who made a significant contribution to Kazakhstan’s art, including the icons of Kazakhstan’s modern art. The Stanford Museum representatives are showing a great interest in the sculptor’s works, they want to buy one of his works, which is called “A Meeting.” It is a symbolic title, which reflects the meeting of the East and the West, nomadic and sedentary lifestyles.


 - He always dreamed of holding an exhibition in Astana. It was very important for him, because Astana is a new fantastic capital with innovations. Showing his art works here was extremely important for him. This exhibition is held by his apprentice and successor Alibek Mergenov. It is an opportunity for all of us to reconnect with the great master. 

Erkin Mergenov was ahead of time, his fellow artists say. He was able to present space and time in a unique style through his works. In his art, the sculptor managed to unite the past, the present and the future in one particular moment. Erkin Mergenov is one of the most brilliant figures of Kazakhstan’s modern art. Today, the sculptor’s works are known all over the world. His works are presented in the museums and private collections. Guests and residents of Astana have the opportunity to enjoy Erkin Mergenov’s unique art works till the end of June at the National Museum of Kazakhstan.