Kazakh language courses were opened in New York

Scholars of the Bolashak program have launched Kazakh language courses in New York. A group of students decided to give others opportunities to study Kazakh. Not only Kazakhs, but also U.S. citizens supported the initiative. Many New Yorkers are expressing interest in learning the Kazakh language, culture and traditions.


- I have met so many scholars of the Bolashak program here. We have philologists, journalists and teachers who could teach Kazakh at an excellent high level. I decided that we need to find a place where we will gather together. I posted an announcement on Facebook for people who want to attend the Kazakh language classes in New York and I was surprised when 15 children and 10 adults came to the first lesson. They were very interested and supported this idea.

Raushan Naizabayeva is doing her master’s degree in publishing: digital and print media at New York University. Raushan is from Astana and a mother of two children. In America, she felt a lack of communication in her native language. One of the largest universities in the United States, with more than 50,000 students, supported the Kazakh woman and provided a lecture room for teaching the Kazakh language. Now children and adults of New York have an opportunity to learn Kazakh. 


- Thanks to the initiative of the Kazakh student, we have a great opportunity to support and develop our native language. In addition to studying the language, much attention is also paid to culture, history and traditions of the Kazakh people. The most interesting lesson for me was learning the Kazakh proverbs.

Today, more than 40 children and adults are enrolled in the classes. The children learn Kazakh in an interactive way, and then together with their parents hold discussions at a speaking club.


- Knowing the Kazakh language, history and culture, I feel like I need to pass this knowledge to the younger generation. Our students are showing great interest in learning Kazakh and we are achieving prompt results.

According to the Kazakh language teachers here, adoption of the new Latin script and getting access to new textbooks in the Latin alphabet, learning Kazakh will become much easier.