Unique ancient palace complex Akyrtas will be thoroughly studied

Akyrtas, a unique ancient palace complex in Zhambyl region will be thoroughly studied. About seven billion tenge are required for its detailed study and reconstruction. This complex has no equivalents both in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. The settlement was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. According to scientists, the complex is dated back to the 8-9th centuries. However, there is still no exact data on the author of the facility. Archaeologists plan to search for similar palaces in other cities of the world and collect extensive scientific material. 3D modeling is applied and foreign specialists are involved in the study. There are plans to restore a caravanserai and a beacon. According to experts, it will increase the influx of foreign tourists into the region.


- We have created a special program for renovation of Akyrtas. Archeological and restoration works will begin in May. As a result of the research, we plan to produce a documentary and books. Development of tourism will depend on the Akyrtas complex’s renovation. Income received from tourism will be allocated for further development of the complex.


- The facility is unique; we can see a fusion of Tukic and Arab cultures here. This fusion presents interest not only for us. This facility should certainly be thoroughly studied to discover all the diverse aspects of Akyrtas.