Kazakh Traditional Art Academy will be established in Kyzylorda region

Great Kazakh composer Korkyt’s sixteen compositions and nine kuis performed by well-known zhyraus of Kyzylorda region were included in the collection of the World Music Audio Encyclopedia. The regional government is planning to establish the Kazakh Traditional Art Academy to develop and promote the unique art of zhyraus.

Bakbergen Bekniyazov is one of the few craftsmen who can carve out from wood the ancient Kazakh musical instrument, kobyz. He has learnt the skill from his grandfather. Now he wants to share his experience and skills with the younger generation.


- I want to open a workshop to teach young talented people how to carve from wood the traditional souvenirs, dishes and music instruments. Our cultural heritage is reflected in the sounds of the dombyra and kobyz. They are our national brands.

A stone kobyz of the Oghuz period was discovered near the Korkyt Ata memorial complex. According to archaeologists, the valuable discoveries in the ancient settlement of Sortoba confirm that the Oguz culture was thriving here in the 9-10th centuries. Experts say that the Karmakshy district is rich in the practitioners of traditional musical art thanks to Korkyt Ata, the guardian of poetry.


- Zhyraus originate from Kyzylorda region. There are three fundamental schools in the region that preserve all the traditions related to zhyraus. We further develop the art of zhyraus and promote the melodies of kobyz and dombyra. Special attention is paid to the development of skills and creativity of zhyraus.

The World Music Audio Encyclopedia was issued in Japan at the University of Tokyo. Scientists believe that Korkyt Ata’s unique and original heritage should not just be preserved, but also promoted. After all, it reveals the cultural features of the Kazakh people. Turkey, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan supported Kazakhstan’s application for inclusion of the heritage of Korkyt Ata into the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage. Reputable folklorist Almas Almatov reiterated the need to professionally train the masters of traditional art.


- Local government is ready to provide budget to support the establishment of the facility. Talented people will learn the art of zhyrau, dombyra, choreography, applied and decorative art and art history.    

If the project is approved, talented people will have a great opportunity to develop the traditional cultural and musical heritage of Kazakhstan.