Latvia hosted a personal exhibition of famous Kazakh artist Leila Makhat

Kazakh national motifs are presented on the Baltic coast. Latvian city, Liepaja hosted a personal exhibition of famous Kazakh artist Leila Makhat. The author named the exposition as ‘I'm here’. Works of the master have already been successfully presented in Liechtenstein, Austria and the artist's homeland. Leila's works on Kazakhstan’s contemporary art are well known all over the world.


- Leila's works have been presented in many countries. She is a very popular artist. Her exhibitions were held in Japan, China, India, Russia, USA, Austria, Czech Republic, Norway and Belgium. The history of the exhibitions is very comprehensive and now she can include Latvia into it which is a great honor for us.

The Latvian art critics described the exhibition of Leila Makhat as bright and colorful. The master’s paintings, which are nearly 30 works, carry a deep philosophical meaning filled with love for the Motherland as well as convey the mentality and rich culture of the Kazakh people. Local connoisseurs of fine arts have become interested in endless steppes and mountain ranges. The painting of a horse which is a noble animal in a nomadic culture has taken a special place in the vernissage.


- This is my Kazakhstan, which lives in me and is always with me. I'm glad that I gave a reason to people to think about traveling to Kazakhstan. It is very good that this is related to the current state Modernization of Public Consciousness program. The more people know about Kazakhstan, the happier I am as an artist.

The exposition has become a gift of the famous Kazakh artist dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Latvia's independence and the 20th anniversary of Astana. The exhibition lasts until the end of May.