Shakespeare's Othello was staged in Kazakh

A story of love and hate, good and evil, jealousy and envy, Othello by William Shakespeare has returned to the stage of the Kazakh theater. To mark the 20th anniversary of Astana, the Kaleki Theater has premiered William Shakespeare's famous play in the Kazakh language. People's Artist of Kazakhstan Talgat Temenov directed the tragedy. Artists of the theater had rehearsed the play for more than three months. Russian expert Mikhail Vishnevsky was responsible for staging the fights.


- Othello is the most rarely staged play of Shakespeare in Kazakh theatres. After Shaken Aimanov had played Othello, the play was staged only a few times and everything stopped there. It is not easy to play the main character. However, we rehearsed several times and we look forward to the premiere.

Kazakh writer Mukhtar Auezov was the first to translate Othello into Kazakh in 1936. Since then, well-known actors of the Kazakh theater such as Yelubai Omirzakov, Kapan Badyrov and Shaken Aimanov had repeatedly played Othello. Today, the Kazakh spectators can enjoy watching Shakespeare’s play once again.