Astana hosted a commemorative gathering for Mustafa Shokai

Astana hosted a commemorative gathering for Mustafa Shokai, a prominent Kazakh public and political figure who dedicated his whole life to the concerns of his nation in the first half of the 20th century. He was often called the “Encyclopedia of Freethinking” for his independent views. The idea of the “Common Turkistan” belonged to Shokai and up to now, the current generation perceives him as a man who dedicated his life to the idea of independence, unity of Turkic nations and national identity.  


- Mustafa Shokai is a prominent public and political figure. He was fighting for the Independence of Kazakhstan and all the Turkic nations. He is a true son of the Turkic people. All his life was dedicated to the struggle for Independence. 

Mustafa Shokai strived to unite the Turkic people under one flag. He dreamed about unity based on historic commonality, similarity of cultures, traditions, languages and religion. As a lawyer, journalist and writer, Shokai dedicated many articles to this topic. One of his most important works is the “National Movement of the Middle Asia.” As a public figure, he made a huge contribution to improve education and literacy in the region.


- When the Interim Government was established, Shokai helped open the Turkistan University in Tashkent which was very popular. Today, the Central Asian State University is turning 100 years and, I think that it is a memorable date and a holiday for Uzbekistan and for all the five countries of the region as well.   

Shokai had to spend half of his life in immigration abroad but even there he didn’t stop fighting, defending the right for independence of the people of Central Asia. He believed that consolidation of the Turkic nations will allow preserving and developing the Turkic culture. Fluent in Russian, Turkic, French and English, he published a lot of articles in foreign press trying to convey the importance of his ideas. His works are still being studied by researchers.