Artists of Zhastar Theater presented a play dedicated to music

Artists of the Astana’s Zhastar Theater presented a play dedicated to music, where music was the main character which won the love of the audience in the hall. Through music every actor tried to get spectator’s attention by conveying feelings, thoughts and secrets. The main idea of director Nurkanat Zhakypbai was to lift the veil of the magic world of musical notes.


The musical component is of great importance to this performance which involves various musical instruments. All 45 actors of our group stage the performance together and everyone takes part in it. No soundtrack but every song and monologue is staged as a live performance, whether it's a guitar or a dombyra.

This year, the Zhastar Theater celebrates its 10th anniversary. The creative team has won the ten Grand Prixes at national and international competitions. Today, the theater’s repertoire involves nearly 40 performances, including fairy tales.