“One country, one book” campaign is held across Kazakhstan

“One country, one book” folk literature campaign is held across Kazakhstan for the 12th time. This year a special panel of judges selected three books for public reading, including Shakarim Kudaiberdiyev’s “Essays”, Bauyrzhan Momyshuly’s “Our Family” and Nemat Kelimbetov’s “I Don’t Want to Lose Hope.” The last book of the famous writer and turkologist is available in over twenty languages, including Russian, English and Arabic. It is also possible to download the books on smartphones by scanning the QR Codes of the books. The purpose of the campaign is to promote literacy and reading culture, preserve the cultural heritage, and promote the Kazakh language as well as moral and patriotic education of the young people.  


- We launched our action “One country, one book” in 2007. The first book of our action was Abai’s works. Every year we selected the best pieces of the Kazakh literature, they are all presented at the exhibition.