Concert dedicated to Astana’s anniversary

To mark the 20th anniversary of Astana, the “Karakat” school studio trainees performed on the stage and demonstrated their skills in popular and folk singing as well as playing the national instruments like dombyra, kobyz and zhetigen. This year, the “Karakat” studio marks its 10th anniversary. 350 trainees of the music schools from Astana, Almaty and Shymkent performed on one stage with the famous Kazakh singers at gala concert.


The concert is lengthy; it lasts for over three hours. There are so many children in our studios; we wanted to give each of them the opportunity to perform. And it is very important for us that all the children perform, demonstrate their skills on stage and communicate with their favorite artists. We would like to especially thank the audience, because the concert hall was full.

The young musicians made a debut with their favorite artists. Karakat Abildina, Erke Esmakhan, Toregali Toreali, Madina Sadvakassova and other famous Kazakh artists shared the stage with the young talented trainees of the studio. This is the first public performance for many participants. Their mentor Karakat Abildina worries about her students.


Perhaps, for the first time in my life I myself didn’t perform on stage, instead I observed as a spectator. I enjoyed the talents of the performers. Everything went perfectly well thanks to all the participants, teachers, students and artists of the school and of course, my spouse. Without his support this concert wouldn’t take place.

‘Karakat’ school studio started training young talents March 2009. Its main objective is a comprehensive development of children, ingraining in participants love for native land and the national culture of the Kazakh people.