Exhibition ‘The Heritage of the Holy Otyrar’ was launched in Astana

A touring exhibition titled ‘The Heritage of the Holy Otyrar’ was launched in Astana. The exposition presents original ancient books and manuscripts of outstanding scientist of the east Abu Nasir al-Farabi. A book collection of the Otyrar Library consists of 35 books and unique works of the philosopher from the storage of the National Center for Manuscripts and Rare Books, including "The Great Book of Music", "The Knowledge about the Celestial World" and “The Views of Residents of the Virtuous City.” The collection includes original works of the scientist in Arabic, ancient Turkic Persian and Chagatai languages. The exhibits from Syria are also presented in the exposition including a handful of earth from the grave of the great philosopher and part of the tombstone. The holy Koran, khikmet, ancient legends, scientific aids and sources about the descendants of Arystanbab are showcased, too. The most ancient examples of scientific relics date back to the 10th century.


- Today, there are approximately 7000 rare copies of books, nearly 300 hand-written manuscripts and around 500,000 documents in digital format in our fund, at the National Center for Manuscripts and Rare Books. Anyone can access these documents. There is an electronic catalog which contains nearly 500,000 digitized documents.