Japanese Spring Festival in Astana

Japanese spring has arrived in Kazakhstan. Astana hosted the Japanese cultural festival. This time one of the most popular stars of the world’s instrumental music – Japanese pianist and composer Keiko Matsui performed for the Kazakh audience.

Keiko Matsui skillfully combines classical music with rock, blues and jazz in her performances. The Cherry Blossom of Music, as the pianist is called around the world, brought her best compositions to Astana. It’s the composer’s first visit to Kazakhstan. She performed a special arrangement of Kazakh folk song “Yapyrai” for the local fans.


 - The concert program is made up of my best compositions from 27 albums. I prepared this program especially for Kazakhstan. Alongside my own compositions, I performed Kazakh folk composition “Yapyrai.” It impressed me a lot. I visited all the sightseeing attractions of Astana. It is a city where ancient and modern patterns are blended together. 

The festival is held for the eighth time with the support of Japan’s embassy in Kazakhstan and the “Degdar” humanitarian foundation. The Japanese Spring brings about not only concerts of famous musicians but exhibitions of talented artists as well. The event allows visitors to connect with high arts of Kazakhstan and Japan.


 - This concert is held on a regular basis and every year we are eagerly waiting for the arrival of spring. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in most parts of Japan and soon you will also have a beautiful season of blooming flowers and tulips. Keiko Matsui is very popular not only in Japan but internationally as well. I am very happy that spring will arrive in Astana with her concert.


 - Getting tickets for Keiko Matsui’s concert is very difficult around the world. And it is a great honor and luck for us to be on the concert of the worldwide famous pianist. 

This year, the festival expanded its boundaries – it will be held in Kyrgyzstan as well. Residents of Bishkek now have the opportunity to learn about the Japanese culture.