Historical and cultural center “Atameken” of Kazakhstan’s first President

Historical and cultural center “Atameken” of Kazakhstan’s first President attracts more and more visitors. Over two thousand people visited the museum complex in Almaty region in just three months since its opening. Unique exhibits covering the main stages of President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s life and work as well as Kazakhstan’s establishment and development are presented in a chronological order in four halls. There are many items in the exhibition including over 250 books and ninety personal belongings of Nursultan Nazarbayev.   


 - School students and adults from all over Kazakhstan as well as from foreign countries, such as Ukraine and Turkey visit our center. We had people from Russia who traveled exclusively to visit our center. There are special exhibits in our center, such as President Nazarbayev’s personal belongings: the President’s desk and clothing items. We also have his mother’s personal belongings and models of his childhood house and school.

Visitors also express great interest in formal gifts presented to the president in various times. The exhibits were presented by the Fund, Library and Museum of Kazakhstan’s First President.