“Batyr Babalar” memorial complex in Almaty region

“Batyr Babalar” memorial complex in Almaty region has turned into one of the most popular cultural centers in the region. The complex is constantly enriched with ancient exhibits, but it is popular primarily due to its architectural design. The memorial was constructed to mark the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence and it is 25 meters tall. It is shaped in the form of a Kazakh warrior’s headwear. The museum is divided into three thematic sections.


 - The younger generation learns more about the history, culture and traditions of the Kazakh people through such complexes. Biographies of famous khans and biys and their accomplishments are presented at the exposition. It is a cultural education for young people and it is very important for future generations.

Special attention is paid to the military theme at the museum. There is a collection of ancient weapons here– swords, knives, bows and arrows, helmets and suits of armor. Paintings and rare books are also collected at the museum. All the exhibits allow learning more about the origins of the Kazakh people, starting with the Saka period, and on to the establishment of the Kazakh statehood.