Astana Opera staged legendary Kyz Zhibek opera

Astana Opera staged yet another spectacular production of the legendary Kyz Zhibek opera. The famous masterpiece by Yevgeny Brusilovsky found a new sound. A number of traditional instruments were included in the orchestra. Many aspects of the spiritual life of the nomadic Kazakhs were reflected in the poetic lines of the tale of the tragic love of the representatives of the two feuding clans.

The musical accompaniment of the folklore masterpiece changed according to modern trends. Children’s choir was represented in the opera for the first time. In addition, dialogues were replaced by musical recitatives. Several episodes with melodies of famous Kazakh songs and kui were added into the opera


 - Today Bekezhan’s character is very complicated. The music with a lot of high notes was added to it. The music has changed a bit since it's a musical drama now. Bekezhan is one of the batyrs of that time, who is antagonist. However, in this opera I want to show his morality and heroism.

In total, 300 people were involved in the performance. Spectators appreciated the stunning beauty of the decorations and costumes. A record number of clothes, specifically, 350 sets were prepared for the theatre production. Stage designers and artists recreated the magnificent palaces, ancient cities and the steppe. Horses and camels were included in the scenes. The audience was impressed by the 3D elements of the show.