Kazakhstan through the eyes of artist Reshad Aliyev

A Kazakh artist presents local landscapes to the world through his works. Reshad Aliyev expresses his admiration of the Kazakh nature with the help of his paints and brushes. The famous artist demonstrates all the fascinating, diverse and vivid colors of the nature in his paintings. The artist’s works are well-known in many countries thanks to his unique landscape paintings. The author draws his inspiration from his homeland.


 - We have absolutely fascinating and breathtaking landscapes here. I admire the landscapes of Kazakhstan. I would like more tourists to visit Kazakhstan so that they can see this beauty for themselves. That would be great!

The artist’s family was deported to Kazakhstan in 1944. He grew up in a multiethnic village. Kazakh culture has become an integral part of his life. Reshad Aliyev is a passionate dombyra and kui lover. He can recreate from memory a bride and a groom in traditional Kazakh costumes in smallest details. He enjoys painting traditional hunting scenes with falcons and tazy.


 - I remember celebrations and wedding parties – people of all ethnicities gathered in our house. It was so interesting. We played Greek, Kazakh, Armenian, Ukrainian and Russian music. You know, we all danced lezghinka and other dances. We know these dances and this music well.

Reshad Aliyev’s works attract people’s attention not only in Kazakhstan. His paintings are popular in Canada, Russia, China and Germany.