People of Kostanay city revive the ancient Kazakh customs

People of Kostanay city revive the ancient Kazakh customs

Preserving the national identity in the face of globalization is a strategic task. Folk traditions play a significant role in it. The people of Kostanay city revive the ancient Kazakh customs. They held “Bastangy” youth party for the second year in a row. It is held as a theatrical show that involves singing, dancing and demonstration of traditional games.


 - There are lots of places where people can spend their holidays. We selected the most cultural one among them. In a theatrical form we decided to show the audience how our ancestors used to have fun.

According to the plot of the performance, parents went out on holidays. A young man asks his sister-in-law to throw a party for the youth. Young people serve a richly laid table and the guests demonstrate their artistic abilities.


- Back in my younger days when elderly people left the house, teenagers always asked their sisters-in-law to organize a “bastangy.” They said they wanted to meet a certain girl and it would be nice to throw a youth party for this purpose. And sisters-in-law cooked special treats, invited girls and young men to get to know them. I felt like going back in time at this theatrical show.

Young people were also invited to act on the stage along the professional actors, singers and dancers. Participants were selected via a casting in social media. Spectators also could compete in a traditional game of breaking a bone.

Various ethnic group members demonstrated their talents in the theatrical show. Artists plan to hold such parties in the region on a regular basis.