Six Kazakh students have been enrolled into a specialized school that has no teachers in Kiev

Six Kazakh students have been enrolled into a specialized school that has no teachers in Kiev. Ukrainian National IT Factory (UNIT) founded by French entrepreneur Xavier Niel has a unique educational system. There are no teachers and deans, no lesson plans and schedules. Students select a convenient time for their classes. They can come to school any times; the school is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. The school focuses in eight IT areas, including software architecture, web development, mobile application development and others.


 - You can select your own major. It can be algorithm, cryptography, graphics, systems administration, etc. If you picked one and you didn’t like it you can change your major. You choose and you try and that is the whole point. You are searching for your calling in this school.


 - I selected this school because they don’t give diplomas, they give high-quality and competent knowledge. I want to choose Cyber security because Cyber security is underdeveloped in Kazakhstan compared to other countries.

The school’s curriculum is designed for three years. The IT Factory students learn how to code, work in a team and come up with innovative solutions. The education process is monitored by peers and a software program but not instructors.


 - What makes this school unique? Students who have studied for 2.5-3 years can solve practical tasks. After completing one task they get a more difficult task. And they make up teams to help each other. All the students help each other in achieving their objectives.

The modern school in Kiev aims to instill self-learning and self-development skills in their students and give them the necessary expertise in the field of information technologies. Students from Kazakhstan plan to use the obtained knowledge in Kazakhstan.