Celebration of Nauryz in Uzbekistan

Nauryz is a joyful family holiday in Uzbekistan. It is a common holiday of spring’s arrival for everyone regardless of ethnic background. According to the ancient tradition, Kazakh diaspora members in Uzbekistan treat the guests to delicious “Nauryz kozhe”. At the celebration, the guests can try the popular dish of the Uzbek national cuisine – “Sumalak”. 

Elderly people say that the more richly and abundantly the table is served on Nauryz, the more favorable the year will be. That’s why the celebration’s main attributes are abundance of home-cooked traditional food, fun games, lively dances and other festivities. It is a holiday of harmony with nature, joy and kindness.


- We are very happy that the year of Uzbekistan is celebrated in Kazakhstan. It will further strengthen our friendship and cooperation between the two brotherly nations. I am sure that friendship between our nations will help revive the ancient spiritual connections.

Over 30 ethnicities reside in the Chinaz district alone. They have equal opportunities to prosper and do good in life. Here, centuries-old common cultural values are passed down from generation to generation. 26 thousand ethnic Kazakhs live Chinaz. Locals believe joint celebration of common holidays brings people of different backgrounds together.


- May peace, friendship and unity always be with us! We have demonstrated the “Besikke salu”, “Tusaukeser” rituals here – they are our ancient traditions passed down from a generation to generation. I wish that our children and grandchildren always remember their origins. 

These days all the eastern Turkic nations celebrate Nauryz, the international holiday of unity and spring renewal.