Nauryz was marked across Kazakhstan

Nauryz, the Spring Equinox Day, was marked across Kazakhstan. The celebration in Shymkent featured traditional sports events and festively served dishes – delicious baursaks, tasty talkan and the traditional Nauryz kozhe. The centuries-old recipe for Nauryz kozhe is passed from mother to daughter, from one generation to another.  


- We’re educating young people. We wanted them to see and learn everything, so that in the future they don’t forget their past and their traditions.

The spring holiday “Seyil Koshkar ata” that used to be a signature event for Shymkent, had not been marked for about 100 years. It’s the third year that people in southern regions start celebrating Nauryz by the legendary Koshkar ata river. In the past nomads used to sacrifice a lamb, a cow or a horse. 


- In the past this holiday was marked 10-15 days prior to Nauryz. People from other cities and regions arrived here. A yurt was set by the Koshkar ata river and people started preparations for Nauryz celebration. This holiday is marked only in Shymkent. It became our brand. 

Local strongmen participated in squat competitions with a 70 kg prize at the festival. Sixteen athletes took part in the competition. 

People in the Zhambyl region also marked Nauryz. Traditional games including tug of war, asyk atu and Kazakh wrestling were held at a city square. The guests also were treated the Nauryz kozhe. Organizers of the “Nauryz FEST” contest divided people in 11 groups who demonstrated their knowledge of customs and traditions of the Kazakh people. The holiday of unity and kindness has brought together the people of different ethnicities.


- We managed to educate students about the meaning of Nauryz, we told them about the traditions and customs. This event showed the whole significance of the Spring Equinox Day. From the bottom of my heart I congratulate all the people of Kazakhstan. Let our country prosper!