Celebrations dedicated to Nauryz holiday

Mass celebrations such as dances and singing, colorful fairs and many festive events dedicated to Nauryz are taking place at the main square near the ‘Kazakh Yeli’ monument in Astana. Every guest is greeted in yurts with tasty treats and traditional drinks throughout the city.


- Like all the great people of Kazakhstan we celebrate the holiday with beshparmak, dombyra and songs. On this day we hug each other and we forgive each other. We congratulate people of Kazakhstan on the Nauryz holiday and wish that people are united in their houses and everywhere.  Let them be happy and live long. I wish that Kazakhstan will stay friendly forever. 

Nauryz is not only a holiday of the spring, awakening of nature and renewal, but also a symbol of friendship, harmony and unity. According to beliefs, the generous celebration of Nauryz will bring abundance and happiness to the house. All the wishes made on this day will come true.


- How not to come to such a holiday of spring equinox, when everything is equal and people gather in the square near the pyramid to celebrate this great holiday. Nauryz is a holiday not only of Kazakhs but also it is celebrated all over the world and I think that it is a family holiday, too.

Big and beautiful yurts with traditional decoration, dombyra performances and people dressed in national clothes create an unforgettable atmosphere of the spring holiday. Traditionally, the exhibition of arts and crafts items is organized on the territory of the square.


- This is the beginning of spring equinox. On this holiday people visit each other, treat each other well and exchange presents. In honor of this holiday, you can buy handmade gifts in our yurt.


I make headdresses and handmade turbans in Astana, so I decided to participate in the fair. Everyone looks forward to Nauryz. The holiday is our way of celebrating the New Year when everything is being born, when buds are blossoming and the sun is abundant in spring. This is time when people visit each other and make dastarkhan as well as cook beshparmak, baursak and the most important dish the ‘Nauryz kozhe.’

The holiday is celebrated all over the country. These days in every city of Kazakhstan, mass festive concerts, sports competitions on traditional sports, yurts and altybakans have become the main attributes of the spring holiday. The main events take place at the Expo 2017 site in the capital, where the ethno-village will be located.