A guy from Aktau creates unusual designer products from gypsum

Creativity can change one’s life drastically, as it did in the case of former sailor Daniyar Myrzabekov. He quit his job as captain’s second mate to become a sculptor. Daniyar now makes designer plaster figures. The figures are used for landscaping and as souvenirs.


 - I wanted to start sculpting from concrete, but it is much more difficult to work with. My teachers advised me to start with plaster. I hope in the future we will make pieces from concrete and other materials. Most importantly we have learned how to cast figures.

The small workshop in Kuryk village was opened only 2 months ago, but the owners have plenty of orders already. They have already sold over a thousand unique souvenirs. Daniyar designs them himself. Former software developer Nurdaulet Kanabayev is responsible for painting and coloring of the items.


 - I paint these coin jars. I really like painting statuettes. At the first sight they seem alike, but for me each of them is unique. I put my heart into them.

Daniyar Myrzabekov has big plans for the future. The entrepreneur has recently won a grant worth 3 million tenge. He will spend the money on purchasing silicone, air-brushes and other equipment for his small workshop. The entrepreneur also plans to increase production volumes and hire more people.