Holiday of Spring equinox

National arts are reflected in paintings, graphics, landscape pictures and still-life paintings. An exhibition of paintings by Kazakh artists dedicated to Nauryz is open in the Central Museum of Almaty. The exhibition features nearly 100 works of acclaimed and novice artists. The beauty and versatility of Kazakh culture are reflected in these works. Portraits of the great batyrs take a special place at the exposition. This exhibition speaks to the younger generation so that they understand their roots and honor the history of their land.


 - “Mangilik el” means “Eternal state.” It’s only the people who can preserve a national identity across centuries. That’s why the role of fine arts is very important in educating the younger generation who are to further convey and develop these eternal values.

Actors of Kostanay Kazakh Drama Theater staff marked Nauryz with a premiere of a new play titled “Here Comes Nauryz.” Team of actors and producers prepared the new performance for the theater’s youngest spectators. The play teaches the children to believe in the good and informs them about the traditions related to the holiday of Nauryz.


 - What is Nauryz? It is not only about fairy tales and children’s plays. Nauryz often features traditional games and learning about Kydyr Ata.  Our play answers all these questions. As part of the Modernization of Public Consciousness program we teach the children about the national holidays and cultural values.