Kazakh artisan creates original leather goods in the UK

Kazakhstan-born UK artisan Aiman Sagatova uses bright and original Kazakh motifs such as ornaments and images of animals from nomadic cultures to make bags, purses, belts and accessories. She uses leather, wood, metal and wool to make her pieces. Most of her pieces are customized and preordered.


 - I sold one belt and immediately got an order for one more. This is how I got started. It turned out that my first products allowed me to buy professional tools and leather.

Aiman sells her unusual goods online. Every item is unique and individual. The master puts her heart and soul into creating her work. Her customers are from Russia, the United States, Australia and Canada. Aiman is promoting her brand internationally.


 - When local British buyers see these items, they associate them with Turkey or Afghanistan. No one associates them with Kazakhstan. So I take time to explain where the pieces are originated from.  People are usually impressed. They often say that they learned and discovered something interesting.

Aiman Sagatova continues to improve her work. She is planning to study graphics and the art of engraving. The artisan believes that as she learns she will discover new talent within herself. She also hopes her craft will introduce the rich Kazakh culture, heritage and traditions to the international buyers globally.