Nauryz: Holiday of peace and friendship

Nauryz is one the most ancient holidays of the Turkic nations. Its origin is over 5,000 years old. Celebrations of spring renewal often feature a display of special hospitality. Nauryz promotes strengthening of friendships and good neighborly relations. The holiday of spring equinox was marked at the International Turkic Academy. Famous public figures, scientists and diplomats of Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Hungary and Mongolia took part in the celebrations. The guests took part in an ancient ritual –hitting an iron – “Balghamen tos soghu”. The sound of a hammer hitting a piece of iron signals the arrival of the New Year. Foreign diplomats also shared stories of different ways of celebrating Nauryz in their countries.   


 - Nauryz unites our nations, it unites us. My dear brothers and sisters, people of Kazakhstan, congratulations on this holiday. I wish prosperity, unity to every house and family and peace to all the neighboring countries.


 - Unfortunately, the holiday under this title has not been preserved in Hungary. We found a new home on the territory of Hungary over 1,100 years ago. But we still celebrate the spring equinox. It is a very important time of the year for every Hungarian when we prepare for the new beginnings. Happy Hauryz!