Astana Opera hosted a concert dedicated to the Baroque era

Astana Opera hosted a concert dedicated to the Baroque era. During the baroque era which came after the Renaissance the world’s most talented composers including Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Gluck and Monteverdi were discovered. Their instrumental works and opera arias are still staged in the world theaters and concert halls. Astana Opera is no exception. The classical music fans listened to the aria of Cleopatra, the duet of Cornelia and Sextus from the opera of ‘Julius Caesar in Egypt’, the aria from Bach’s Mass in B-minor and other well-known musical creations of the Baroque era. The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, toccata by Monteverdi from the Orpheus opera and instrumental fragments from the oratorio Solomon by Handel were performed at the concert. According to conductor Abzal Mukhitdinov, these bright, emotional works are hundreds of years old and the public still love them.


- More than 20 years ago, I was lucky to learn this music in the UK, where I wrote my thesis on rhythmic traditions of the Baroque era. This music, is unusual. There is a very large gap between us, the 21st century and the 17th century, and from here come all sorts of complexity of interpretation. I tried to organize the program so that I could imagine as many Baroque composers as possible.