Cultural program for the 20th anniversary of Astana

This year, Astana will host cultural events of international level including tours of the world's leading performers, joint productions with foreign theaters, performances, musicals, films, international museum exhibitions, children's and sports festivals, entertainment shows as well as spectacular concerts with participation of world-famous stars. The events will be dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana. The managers of the Kazakh Concert are planning organize more than 30 events with participation of outstanding pop singers, particularly, the Academy of Soloists, the ‘Astana Sazy’ folk ensemble, the ‘Nomad’ ethno-folklore band and the Forte Trio. The exciting performances which aim at demonstrating the Kazakh culture will hopefully earn the love of the audience, say the organizers. The capital’s guests and residents will enjoy the premiere of the world famous ‘Notre-Dame de Paris’ musical. Moreover, the capital’s main concert venue will host the annual ‘Astana Keshteri’ concert of classical music as well as the Eurasia Film Festival. As part of the new season starting in autumn, the country’s best soloists and conductors will perform in nearly 20 concerts.


 - The concerts will be held starting from the beginning of June. Numerous events will be held during the first two months of the summer. We do not want to slow down because people are waiting for this. People need this art events since they enrich and unite us and make our lives richer. We are trying to come up with interesting projects and invite the best artists.