Preservation of jewelry-making traditions

Kazakh craftsmen preserve the traditions of jewelry-making. A craftsman from Uralsk creates national style jewelry and accessories. This is a hand-made silver gold-plated whip made by Tolepbergen Sarmanbekov. He used a special weaving technique to make it. The piece is adorned with rubies and emeralds. Every stone is inserted into a special place and has a special meaning.    


 - Kamshy is a sacred tool for Kazakhs. I have made the kamshy from pure gold and pure silver. The weaving is also made of silver. I decorated it with a falcon’s head. I used rubies for the eyes. I have an idea, it first goes through my mind, then heart and then I turn it into reality with my hands.

The jeweler eagerly shares his experience with the young masters. He has been teaching young artisans for about 30 years. The craftsman not only teaches the craft, but also instills love and special attention to national applied arts in his students.


 - I learned how to make jewelry, for example, earrings and pendants, how to engrave a certain pattern on a ring or a stone that has a special meaning.

The craftsman has a special passion for ornaments. They have certain peculiarities in every region. For example, larger patterns are characteristic of West Kazakhstan, but finer details may be found in the south. Precious gems are preferred in southern regions, the jewelry of the west are simpler. The pieces are valuable not because they are made of expensive metals, but because every piece of jewelry has a piece of a craftsman’s soul, the jeweler believes.  


 - I wanted to make a bracelet for my wife. It is done. If I didn’t present it to her, she would threaten me that she would buy a bracelet in a shop.

The craftsman’s works are valued not only by local experts, but the jewelry experts throughout Kazakhstan. Tolepbergen Sarmanbekov’s several pieces of jewelry are exhibited in Kazakhstan’s National Museum.