London hosted a presentation of a book titled ‘Turkic Sounds: from Shamanic Tunes to Hip-Hop’

London hosted a presentation of a book titled ‘Turkic Sounds: from Shamanic Tunes to Hip-Hop’ which describes the history of the Turkic musical instruments. During the presentation, the guests listened to the music pieces played on the Kazakh dombyra, Uzbek dutar and Azerbaijani kemancha. As authors note, this is a good gift for the people who are interested in Central Asia’s cultural heritage. The collection of research papers includes works of British and American researchers and Kazakh scientists. The cover image of the book titled “Akyn” was made by famous artist Saule Suleimenova.


 - Secretary General of TURKSOY and Professor Duisen Kaseinov sponsored us. This book was published with the participation of Kazakhstan. We are very delighted to get Kazakhstan’s support, which helped the world to learn more about the Turkic-speaking world.

The authors collected the most interesting facts about the Turkic nations and their music for 5 years. Researchers highlighted that the western readers shows great interest in eastern culture and musical traditions of the Central Asian countries.


 - I’ve been extremely interested in proceedings of this evening which is a great celebration. This wonderful book reveals so many new things to people who have no knowledge about this region.

At the presentation, graduate of the Tashkent State Conservatory, Sardor Mirzakhodzhaev played the dutar, and musician from Azerbaijan Rasim Faiziyev performed folk songs on the kemancha. The highlight of the program was the performance of Kazakh artist Yerlan Ryskali.