Premiere of ‘U-sana’ play

Children and gadgets. The “Naz” State Dance Theater has chosen this topic for its new play. The performance titled “U-Sana” narrates about the negative impact of electronic devices on children. According to the script, the children: Erkin, Ermek and Aigul fall under the influence of their neighbor Assan, who discovers the world of computer games for them. Gradually the children lose connection with the real life, spending more and more time in the virtual life. According to Sagadilda Ussibali, the author of the play’s libretto, the play’s topic is more pressing than ever for the modern society and is familiar to every family.   


 - Everything should be in moderation. With the help of tablets children can learn a lot of things. But most of the time they aimlessly spent their time over games. In our play This is what we wanted to show in our play – the fine line when technologies are harmful, rather than useful.


 - Our play is entirely based on dance and music. It is difficult to convey the emotional state of the characters with no words, that’s why this play demands special skills – the dance language here is the main expressive means.

According to the stage producers, despite the fact that the play is oriented at younger audience, it will be useful for adults too. It will allow parents to think about the benefits and the harms of modern gadgets.