ewissue of the ‘Kazakh Yeli’ magazine is dedicated to the work of Sherkhan Murtaza in Istanbul

The new issue of the ‘Kazakh Yeli’ magazine is dedicated to the work of People's Writer of Kazakhstan Sherkhan Murtaza in Istanbul. The publication includes excerpts from the author's works as well as interesting facts from his biography. Readers will be able to get acquainted with the "Ai men Aisha" novel translated into Turkish. Famous writer of Turkey Emrullah Ozdemir devoted his article to this novel. The ‘Kazakh Yeli’magazine, which narrates about the history, culture and traditions of the Kazakh people is distributed in Turkey, Kazakhstan and in eight European countries. The publication was launched a year ago. With the support of the Kazakh diaspora the journal is printed in Turkish and Kazakh languages. According to the magazine’s spokesperson, the publication contributes to strengthening of economic, historical and cultural ties between fraternal countries.


-  Sherkhan Murtaza is a great writer. This year his works were translated into Turkish. The main goal of the magazine is to introduce the 80 million people of Turkey to the work of the famous Kazakh poets, writers and thinkers. The magazine is distributed in 8 countries including Europe. Kazakhs and Turks can learn more about the great people.