“Asyl Azheler” are marking their 10th anniversary

“Asyl Azheler” are marking their 10th anniversary. To celebrate the landmark event, the folk choir of Aktobe veterans has given a concert. Today the choir consists of 20 singers. They are well-known throughout Kazakhstan and often tour around Kazakhstan and outside of the country. The list of victories includes the first place at the international contest in Saint-Petersburg. 80-year old Yrymkesh Tazhibayeva has admitted that music for the members of the choir is the elixir of youth and the best remedy.


- When I was a young daughter-in-law, I was asked to sing at every celebration in the village and delight the guests with my beautiful voice. When I start singing, I forget about the old age and illnesses.

“Asyl Azheler”’s repertoire comprises over 200 Kazakh, Russian and Ukrainian songs. The members of the choir can perform songs in English as well, the choir’s manager says. The singers’ age is between 60 and 80 years old. The audience appreciates and likes them for their positivity and authenticity.


- I enjoy performing a lot. I don’t miss a single rehearsal. We have performed every Kazakh song. We constantly tour and give concerts. We have taken first place at an International festival in Astana.

These energetic and lively grannies are the real embodiment of the popular phrase – those whose soles are singing are ever young.