Kazakh motifs on batik

An artist from Pavlodar combined the Kazakh motifs and the Indonesian art in her works. Altyn Ateyeva mastered the technique of batik. She aspires to introduce the world with cultural traditions of Kazakhstan with the help of her art. Her first exhibition was held in the United Arab Emirates. Her work has become an object of special admiration. Foreign guests immediately acquired her works.


- Our art is in demand. Our art is interesting.  People admire the batik. The Japanese woman bought curtains from me. There is such a huge demand. I realized that I need to do business. In order to produce for export, I can create many interesting things.

Altyn Ateyeva studied the art of painting fabrics in Malaysia. Right in Malaysia, she was deeply imbued with this amazing technique. She had mastered her skills for several years. Today the needlewoman decided to turn her favorite hobby into a business. Altyn Ateyeva expects to receive a state grant. She plans to spend 3 million tenge on equipment. It will allow speeding up the processes of preparing material for artistic painting. Experts are confident that the business project of the artist will be successful not only at homeland.


- Since her work is appreciated abroad it is possible to export her business on a large market and represent Kazakhstan at the international level. Famous people of Kazakhstan, fans of her work and every woman including me will be pleased to wear handmade products.

The artist plans to combine the technique of batik with embroidery, leather and wood. Her dream is to create a unique brand, the highlight of which will be reflected in the picturesque canvases of the Kazakh people’s ancient culture.