Exhibition dedicated to Saken Seifullin

Antique gold watch, typewriter, desk, hand-embroidered curtains remind visitors of the Saken Seifullin house museum about the bright poetic talent and the tragic fate of the Kazakh writer. The exhibition dedicated to the life and works of the founder of modern Kazakh literature was opened in Astana. The great legacy includes the collections of his prose, novels and poems. According to the museum guide, the museum has more than 20 selected works of the writer, as well as a 12-volume edition. Every book is an invaluable artifact and evidence of Kazakhstan's rich historical past, the say.


 - The museum fund includes more than 6,000 exhibits, out of which 2,000 from the main fund including valuable items and jewelry. The rest of exhibits are from the archives of Omsk, Orenburg, Almaty, the central archive and a rare fund. We periodically collect exhibits and documents in villages where Saken Seifullin lived in the Karagandy region. The exhibition features works by Saken Seifullin dedicated to women.

In addition to book expositions, copies of ancient archival documents, photographs, as well as other personal belongings of the writer are stored in the museum. In addition, the museum thoroughly reconstructed the poet's study and the room where his family lived. The house museum was built in the middle of the 19th century and joined the list of 10 holy places of the capital.