‘The Louvre of the desert’ will visit Kazakhstan

Famous collection of the Louvre of the Desert from Nukus will be presented in the Abilkhan Kasteyev Museum in Almaty for the first time. The collection consists of masterpieces of the so-called Russian and Turkestan avant-garde, arts and crafts and archeological artifacts. This is small part of the huge collection, collected by artist and educator Igor Savitsky.


- To date, our museum has more than 100,000 exhibits. The exhibits include works of fine art of the early 20th century well known as the Russian avant-garde and works by artists from the Turkestan avant-garde as well as unique exhibits of folk decorative and applied art of Karakalpaks, which are included in the list of unique exhibits.  The saukele, wedding headdress of Kazakh and Karakalpak women and the tobeli and the kok koilek are wedding dresses and jewelries.

The Nukus Museum in Karakalpakstan is recognized as one of the leading museums in the world. Founder of the museum Igor Savitsky has collected and saved more than 44,000 paintings and graphics in 30 years. He was able to save thousands of forbidden works and make known the names of their authors. This exhibition is long-awaited one for Kazakhstan.


 - This museum is of particular importance to the Kazakh people. Visitors can get acquainted with traditions of Kazakhs, Karakalpaks and Uzbeks. The Russian and European cultures are of great interest. We want to show achievements of various cultures to Kazakhs. In return, the Kasteyev Museum as part of further cooperation, will introduce Uzbeks to the exhibits. The exposition of Kasteyev museum will be recognized on the Uzbek land.

Consideration of delivering unique exhibits to Kazakhstan and the time of the exhibition is underway. The cultural vernisage will be organized as part of the Year of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan.