Military historical museum was replenished with chapan of Kozhabergen batyr

Military historical museum was replenished with chapan of Kozhabergen batyr

The unique historical relic has been added to the fund of the military historical museum. The chapan of Kozhabergen batyr takes an honorary place in the exposition. The batyr is a well-known banner-bearer of the Kazakh squad of the 18th century and a colleague of Abylai Khan. The batyr’s national clothes are well preserved in the house of his nearest relative, Bakhyt Tyensenuly. In the future, the collection in the museum will be replenished with other personal items of Kozhabergen batyr. The banner, the chain armor and helmet of the batyr are survived to this day.  Members of his family store artifacts of the past.


-  This chapan was kept in my dower chest for many years, but I decided that our future generations should know about their heroes. I want the chapan become the common heritage of our people and the memory of Kozhabergen Batyr. That's why I decided to give it away so people can see it.

Moreover, the museum presents the book about Kozhabergen batyr by famous scientist Bakhyt Yezhenkhanuly. Historical work was created based on the Chinese sources and tells about the lifestyle in the Kazakh steppe and achievements of the heroes of the 18th century. The book talks thoroughly about Kozhabergen batyr, the chronicles of which are preserved in the archives of the Qin dynasty. The 70 different sources by Chinese historians from 1755 to 1767 have reached our times and 60 of them are published in the Kazakh language for the first time. The author wrote the book for 9 years.


 - Very few information sources about Kozhabergen were available in the Russian archives. However, recently discovered Manchurian chronicles have a detailed description of his life activity. Kozhabergen lived on the border with China and local historians wrote a lot about him. The book has information on political and trade relations with China, too.

The name of Kozhabergen is as important as the names of Kabanbai, Bogenbai and Yer Zhanibek in the Kazakh history. In the 18th century, Kozhabergen was famous not only as a brave hero and defender of the sovereignty, but also as one of the diplomats of Abylai Khan.