The Kazakh national instrument dombyra is gaining popularity in Turkey

The Kazakh national instrument dombyra is gaining popularity in Turkey

The sound of the dombyra earns the love of people all around the world. The Kazakh national instrument is gaining popularity in Turkey. Compositions performed on the dombyra can be heard in the hymns of organizations and in soundtracks of films. Young people in Turkey are interetested in learning to play the the dombyra. Gamze Nur Nalbant is a student at Istanbul University majoring in Turkic Studies. She is one of the students improving her dombyra playing skills.


 - I love Kazakhstan. The Kazakhs are our brothers. I visited your country. I thought that once I learned the Kazakh language, I need to learn how to play the dombyra in order to get to know the Kazakh people better.

With the support of the Kazakh diaspora in Turkey, the dombyra classes have been available in Istanbul for several years. Today the school has more than 50 graduates. They often perform with the dombyra at major cultural events. It is not surprising that representatives of the older generation also wanted to learn how to play on the dombyra.


 - I truly love the Kazakh kuis and our beautiful songs. I came here to learn the music and how to play.

Sedat Solakuly is a local teacher of the dombyra classes. He graduated from the Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University. Sedat is proud he was a student of honored artist of Kazakhstan and famous kuishi Aigul Ulkenbayeva. Sedat now ingrains his love for the Kazakh national art in his followers.


 - In order to introduce the dombyra to the school curriculum, we have developed a special methodology which is under the consideration of the Ministry of Education. If the proposal will be approved, the schools in Turkey will have the dombyra classes. We try very hard to do it.

After the approval, the graduates of the school will teach everyone who wants to learn the art of the dombra for the ongoing basis.