Nur Orda folk-ethnographic ensemble led by Maira Ilyasova performed in Budapest

The Nur Orda folk-ethnographic ensemble of the Kazakh National University of Arts led by Maira Ilyasova performed in Budapest. The concert was supported by the Kazakh embassy in Hungary and took place in one of the prestigious halls of the Hungarian capital, the building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Politicians, diplomats and representatives of the Kazakh diaspora visited the evening. The concert program included more than 20 songs. The well-known folk songs included "Yapyr-ai", "Akerke" and "Bozbala". The Hungarian audience enjoyed the classical masterpieces and the unique Saryarka kui by Kurmangazy.


 - The audience gave nearly 10-minute long ovations and didn’t let our musicians off the stage. The musicians performed another kui. Our students are happy. The concert was organized at a very high level. The Kazakh traditional music is unique and people admire it in all countries. Thanks to the Kazakh art, even Kazakhstan will be known in the world for its rich and distinctive culture.


 - Actually I like the Kazakh music so I’ve already heard several other songs and my old time favorite is dombyra you know the guitar like but only two strings. Those moments clearly gave back the energy of the all landscape and the Kazakh land.