First festival of young domestic designers ‘Yesil Yerkesi’ kicked off in Astana

The first festival of young domestic designers ‘Yesil Yerkesi’ kicked off in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana featuring bright modern dresses, unusual trousers, double-breasted jackets and raincoats. The fashion festival presented Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections designed by young couturiers and students of technological universities of the capital. The beginner designers returned to their origins since national motives can be found in every piece of their work. Today Kazakh ornaments dominate in the collections of young masters. For example, designers offer to wear kalpaks made of felt with shortened waistcoats decorated with the Kazakh patterns. The fashion festival is dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Astana. Costumes, catwalk models and scenery in the hall symbolize the youth and beauty of a prosperous city.


- I’m inspired by the work of my grandmother. From my early childhood I spent a lot of time with her. I used to help her in ‘Kyiz zhasau’ which is the process of making carpet and clothing from felt. The items will be in a modern style, but with national ornaments both for young people and older people.


 - Collections are inspired by different forms and epochs. Regarding the last 2019 collection, it is inspired by the exquisite feathers of peacocks and the complex shapes of the cuttings from the 1990s. Today it will be presented to our Kazakh audience who will witness our new Fall/Winter 2019 collection and this will be the first platform in Kazakhstan.