Kazakh National Cultural Center organized a youth forum in Tashkent

Uzbek capital, Tashkent hosted the youth forum of interethnic and interfaith consent and friendship of people organized by the Kazakh National Cultural Center. Schoolchildren and students as well as representatives of different nationalities living in Uzbekistan took part in the meeting. They exchanged views on strengthening inter-ethnic unity. As part of the forum, the participants arranged the song competition, the aitys, demonstrated the Kazakh traditional rituals as well as sang and danced.


- Today, topics of peace and friendship between ethnic groups were discussed. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan maintain traditional and friendly relations. Uzbekistan offers many opportunities for us, Kazakhs, living here. We speak Kazakh. Children learn their native language in 120 schools in the Tashkent region. I believe that all nations should live in peace.


- Young people need to know their future. They need to know their future profession and how they can they contribute to betterment of their country. Their upbringing depends on us. We ingrain the love for books, history and culture in them. We share knowledge with them.

According to official statistics, nearly 100,000 Kazakhs live in Tashkent. In addition, Kazakhs live in the Syr Darya, Nauai, Bukhara, Tashkent regions and Karakalpakstan. To date, representatives of more than 130 nationalities and ethnic groups live in Uzbekistan. Each of them has the opportunity to preserve the language and traditions.